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Anyone can talk to Ivy, a powerful AI text-messaging solution

January 23, 2022

Throughout the hospitality industry, AI technology is becoming mainstream. In many instances, Revinate Ivy paved the way as one of the first AI-powered text messaging solutions. She elevates the guest experience, delivers quick and automated messaging, and offloads tasks from the front desk staff for hoteliers.

The Wall Street Journal highlighted Revinate Ivy as being one of the most successful text messaging solutions at providing an exceptional guest experience.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Raj Singh created an AI-powered concierge named Ivy that is used in 3,000 hotels. He estimates that roughly half of hotels offer messaging services. Mr. Singh, now chief strategy officer at Revinate, a hotel software provider based in San Francisco, says texting with Ivy is meant to feel like texting with a fun, in-the-know friend.”

Note: Raj Singh is now the CMO at Revinate.

Read the full article here.

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