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Revinate releases its 2023 benchmark report for the hospitality industry

March 2, 2023

Since 2018, Revinate has released benchmark reports packed with cumulative performance data from our customers. These performance metrics have enabled hoteliers around the world to make adjustments to their operations and drive revenue.

In March of 2023 we released, “2023 benchmark report: Understanding hoteliers’ performance across communication channels” in a new interactive format. The report includes data from the channels email, text, voice, and web.

In fact,

“The analysis features information from January 2022 through December 2022 and entails more than 5 million calls, 655 million emails, 19 million text messages, and nearly 30 million guest reviews from hotels around the world. In total, more than 10,000 properties were included.”

The data from this report has helped hoteliers in the NAM, EMEA, APAC, and LATAM regions improve their operations and plan for success.

Read the full press release here.

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