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Go Moment broke records in 2018

November 29, 2018

Before Go Moment became part of Revinate, they had a record-breaking year of success.

In 2018, Go Moment was skyrocketing in popularity with hotels, and making a name with casinos like Caesars Entertainment.

Today, Revinate Ivy is sustaining that momentum by improving the guest experience, and preventing negative reviews before they happen. Ivy is also offloading pressure on the front desk by automating responses to 60% of inquiries, and leveraging advanced personalization to generate 20X the ROI for hoteliers.

Here’s an excerpt from the Go Moment feature in GlobeNewswire:

In 2018 Go Moment “Successfully rolled out Ivy in tens of thousands of new hotel rooms, nearly doubling the number of new hotel clients year-over-year ranging from 70 room independent properties to 3000+ room casino resorts, as well as national chains and global travel enterprises.”

Note: Raj Singh is now the Chief Marketing Officer of Revinate

Read the full article here.

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