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Six Types of Data Hotels Can Use

Providing 24/7 personalized service and communications during the stay (let alone pre and post-stay) is a daunting challenge for hoteliers. What can they do to meet customer expectations? The first step is to have access to all the information about their guests at their disposal.

There are at least six types of guest data that a hotel can use to improve the guest experience:

1. Contact information

First name, last name, email address, physical address, and mobile number should all be collected.

2. Demographics

Sex, age, nationality, marital/parenting status, and other demographic information can be used to target messaging. A young woman on a business trip can and should receive different communications than a dad traveling with his kids.

3. Usage/history

Trip type, number of visits, and average spend are all clues as to the types of promotions each guest might appreciate. For example, a business traveler might find it annoying to get an email about an available 3pm massage appointment, but a woman traveling with her girlfriends would be delighted.

4. Interests

Yogis are going to want different things from their hotel stays than golfers. Spa enthusiasts might not care about an offer to book a reservation at an exclusive local restaurant, but foodies would love that.

5. Preferences

Does the guest prefer coffee or tea? Does he or she usually request a high floor, quiet room, or a specific newspaper?

6. Experiential

Feedback from reviews or prior surveys, comments made to staff members, and other interactions with the hotel can be clues to what each guest expects of his or her stay.

What is possible?

Imagine what you could do with specific action items from automatic guest data analysis. You could:

  • See who is arriving on any given day and personalize the guest’s stay based on his or her characteristics and preferences. A senior business executive can and should be treated differently than a mom traveling with kids
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns for guests that meet certain criteria, like Happy Hour notifications or spa promotions
  • Surprise and delight guests by acting on preference information from past reviews, purchases, service requests, or social media
  • Capture all service and purchase requests in a single dashboard to ensure timely and organized responses and follow-up
  • Access guest profile information at critical times, such as check-in or check-out, to provide personalized service and update preferences
  • Understand a guest’s spending habits on property to tailor promotions and anticipate needs

Want to solve this problem?

Revinate is tackling this problem now with its newest solution inGuest. Designed to meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry, Revinate helps hotels improve the guest experience pre-, during and post-stay with mobile and desktop solutions for easily engaging with guests and collecting and analyzing customer feedback.


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