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Why Google Maps Presents a Great Opportunity for Hotels

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Google Maps is the most popular navigation app, with a 67% market share. When travelers are on the road, they often turn to Google Maps to find local attractions, restaurants and, yes, hotels. Google Maps has grown over the years to include information that helps visitors make decisions about where to spend their money based on feedback from both other visitors and the business itself. Given its market share and place in the traveler’s journey, we think that Google Maps presents an excellent opportunity for hotels to drive awareness, consideration, bookings and loyalty. Here are four ways that hoteliers can take advantage of this opportunity:

Drive Reviews to Google

We have been talking a lot about Google lately because we see the impact that it is making, and will continue to make, on the hospitality industry. As we discussed in our 2019 Reputation Benchmark Report, Google is now the largest hotel review aggregator in the world, with 31.7% of all reviews. This massive cache of reviews is visible in both Google Search and Google Maps. As we know, this is important to booking decisions; Guests want to read current, positive reviews before booking a room.

Revinate makes it easy to increase your review volume on Google by allowing you to publish your post-stay surveys directly to Google. With the click of a button, you can drive fresh, positive reviews to Google, which will help your overall review score and give travelers the confidence to stay with you.

Use Reviews to Improve the Guest Experience

Given the high volume of online reviews on Google, analyzing each and every one and finding patterns would be too time-consuming and labor-intensive for the average, busy hotelier.  Revinate Reputation allows you to aggregate and analyze your online reviews to understand what’s working and what needs to be improved. With accurate data and sentiment analysis, it’s easy to see where you need to focus so that you can enhance the guest experience. 

Show Potential Guests That You Care About the Guest Experience

We have written at length over the years about the importance of responding to reviews to show guests that you pay attention to guest feedback and are always looking to improve. Guests need assurance that you’re listening and that you care. Revinate Reputation allows you to publicly respond to reviews, including Google, through the Revinate portal, saving time and effort because you can respond to all your reviews from one dashboard. 

Drive New Business With Ads

As Skift reported last week, Google is starting to focus on monetizing Google Maps. In addition to local ads, new ad formats are being tested, such as Promoted Places and Place Page ads. With booking windows decreasing and traffic to Google Maps increasing, advertising on Google Maps can help drive people already in your area, to book with you. 

We will continue to keep our eye on Google Maps and update you as Alphabet makes changes that create opportunities for hoteliers. In the meantime, to learn more about to maximize your opportunities on Google Maps, please reach out. We would love to chat. 

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