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You’ll come away with a strategic approach to upselling that will help foster loyal guests and improve your upsell performance over time. Get ready to look forward to more revenue.

The ultimate guide to upselling techniques for hotels

Every hotel has upsell potential if a measured and calculated approach is applied. This guide is here to help you target your upsells to the right people at the right time.

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How upsells generate revenue

Upselling and the guest experience

Upselling techniques at every stage

Upsell performance measurement

Guest loyalty improvement

By leveraging targeted offers for upgrades or recommendations, you’re essentially providing guests with options to create the experiences that they envisioned. This furthers your relationships with guests, improves your chances of seeing repeat bookings, and increases the lifetime value of guests. If you can do that for every guest, especially over the long term, you’re continually driving more revenue.

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"You'll learn how to craft ideal upsells, including out-of-the-box ideas, based on the data you already have and how to incorporate them into every stage of the guest journey. We even share tips on tracking and improving the performance of your upsells."
Karen Stephens

CRO, Revinate


of guests are willing to pay more for information and experiences that are more tailored to them. By neglecting personalization, you’re more likely to miss out on the sale.