Hotel Moment episode #49: "That's a wrap; fun moments from this season"
Hotel Moment episode #49: "That's a wrap; fun moments from this season"
The Hotel Moment podcast — episode 49

That’s a wrap: fun moments from this season

This week on the Hotel Moment podcast, we’ve pulled together all the laughs, jokes, and fun moments from past episodes to mark the end of this season. It’s been a pleasure to speak with so many professionals in the industry, swap stories, and share insights.

Make sure to catch up with our host, Karen Stephens, Revinate’s CRO, in 2023 for a brand new season of Hotel Moment!

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Meet your host

As Chief Marketing Officer at Revinate, Karen Stephens is focused on driving long-term growth by building Revinate’s brand equity, product marketing, and customer acquisition strategies. Her deep connections with hospitality industry leaders play a key role in crafting strategic partnerships.

Karen is also the host of The Hotel Moment Podcast, where she interviews top players in the hospitality industry. Karen has been with Revinate for over 11 years, leading Revinate’s global GTM teams. Her most recent transition was from Chief Revenue Officer, where she led the team in their highest booking quarter to date in Q4 2023.

Karen has more than 25 years of expertise in global hospitality technology and online distribution — including managing global accounts in travel and hospitality organizations such as Travelocity and

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Karen Stephens: Never a dull day, it’s like, what the heck is going on?

Matthijs Welle: I prefer like Beyoncé…

Karen Stephens: Right, yeah.

Matthijs Welle: …or something, that’s like someone I really look up to.

Karen Stephens: There you go.

Karen Stephens: So I’m actually waiting to the fall when things mellow out a little bit, and then I’m going to Hawaii. And yeah, I will make that bleisure for sure, because…

Peter Ricci: I wouldn’t say heavy hitter, but I had key-lime pie last night, so it’s there.

Karen Stephens: Nice.

Fabricio Titiro: I dunno if this is a, it’s an actual expression, but it’s a very common called,  “paralyzed by analysis”. I think this is like paralysis by crisis. Right?

Karen Stephens: Oh, that’s a new one.

Johnathan Capps: Budget’s, uh, you know, scaring me a little bit, but, uh, yeah, we’re gonna, we’ll be prepared to talk about it.

Rob Mangiarelli: Of course, I have no idea who Ed Sheeran is, and he had to tell me, and I was like, “Oh, that’s who he is.” He’s sweating away on the treadmill and we’re, we’re walking the hotel.

Paul Hitselberger: Well, I, I got here, as I said, I started out as a line cook in Atlantic City.

Karen Stephens: On up the chain.

Paul Hitselberger: Uh, uh, you know, and, and, and then became a COO. No, uh, I had a lot of stops in between.

Matthijs Welle: And then we walked into the Waldorf, Amsterdam, which is crazy. Ridiculously expensive. I cut lots of people outta my guest list to make that work.

Fabricio Titiro: Actually, they were showcasing. There were a lot of robots.

Karen Stephens: I was in the lobby, and I saw Joe Montana, and my reaction was just to go, “Oh boy, there’s Joe Montana.” And like take a really horrible picture from the side.

Johnathan Capps: Hey! At least it’s documented.

Paul Hitselberger: So take my job. You know, if a guy who was a line cook can become the COO, anybody can!

Karen Stephens: COO.

Rob Mangiarelli: It’s the first day. I was tired because I’d never worked overnight before. So it was just a long night. And that started my, long history of, coffee drinking, was working night audit at the Holiday Inn.

Karen Stephens: And also, congratulations. Congratulations on your marriage this year. That’s great.

Matthijs Welle: For anyone who wonders what changes? Nothing changes. It’s just another day. I guess like that question comes out, “Oh my God, what’s changed? I’m like, nothing. It’s just another day. I worked just as hard as I did before.”

Karen Stephens: Yeah, huge bill for a great party, and on we go.

Fabricio Titiro: At all costs avoid being late to the party.

Karen Stephens: Don’t late to the party. Figure out where you are. You can be a fast follower. That’s fine. You can be in the wave. Right on.

Fabricio Titiro: Even come with the big wave, but never be late to the party.

Karen Stephens: Don’t be late to the party.

Paul Hitselberger: Absolutely.

Karen Stephens: Upgrade on the beach

Paul Hitselberger: I told her she married the right guy.

Karen Stephens: That’s right, That’s fantastic. It’s like, “Is bleisure gonna be the new segment?”, and Jonathan’s vote is hopefully not.

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