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$1,000,000 a day and other stats from Revinate customers’ Black Friday weekend

There was so much build-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but now it’s come and gone (congrats, you did it!). It was no surprise that this critical weekend was another record-setting year for Revinate customers across the globe. Here we break it down by three key numbers: emails sent, direct revenue generated, and click-through rates.

Over 14.6 million emails sent!

Over the entire weekend, our customers sent well over 14 million emails. 4.3 million were sent on Black Friday alone! That’s a lot of emails in a single day. Most of our customers followed our Black Friday deliverability tips as well, as we saw very impressive delivery rates. 

Revinate customers made $3.8 million in 4 days

This number speaks for itself. Over the holiday weekend, promotions sent by Revinate customers generated almost $4 million. That’s almost a million dollars a day. 

Revinate customers often see high dollar returns when using Revinate Marketing for personalized email marketing and upsells. 

Emails showed a healthy CTR of 2.8%

Considering the huge volume of emails sent, having a 2.8% click-through rate is impressive. It shows our customers aren’t just getting their emails opened; they’re also getting guests to engage and convert.

You can read more about how to improve your CTRs and other email marketing metrics in guides and benchmark report resource pages.

Overall, it was a very strong showing for the biggest email campaign weekend of the year. We’re looking forward to seeing how our customers continue to perform in 2020. 

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