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APAC hoteliers: Benchmark your reputation management

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Compare your strategy against other APAC hotels in Revinate’s “2021 hotel reputation benchmark report”

More than 147,000 Revinate hoteliers received reviews in 2021, we analyzed these reviews to bring you actionable insights into your reputation management. 

With our “2021 hotel reputation benchmark report,” you’ll be able to compare your hotel marketing game with other hoteliers like you. 

Here are 4 key takeaways for you to improve your reputation management:

1. Guest loyalty is key

Keep communicating with your guests. Nearly 68% of travelers indicated they would be more comfortable staying at a hotel they have stayed at before. 

Guests who have a degree of familiarity with your property and brand will be more likely to book. And, overall trust in your hotel through past experience gives you a clear edge over the competition.

Takeaway: Constantly interact with your guests and don’t forget to segment your campaigns! By leveraging segmented guest data, hoteliers should be able to accelerate their hotel’s recovery while being competitive in the market and against OTAs. And if you’re prioritizing communication, loyalty programs should be a crucial investment for your guests to feel heard and taken care of. 

2. Pay attention to review site distribution so you know where to focus your attention

For the first time in recent years, overtook Google as the #1 review site by volume, but not by much, they saw a 2.9% difference in market share for the year.

Takeaway: Hotels need to know what channels are most popular to focus reputation management efforts where it matters. Revinate Guest Feedback has made it easy for hotels to keep up with reputation management. By combining reviews from 100+ sites into a single dashboard, hoteliers can better focus efforts where it matters.

3. APAC guests are happier than ever – keep doing what you’re doing!

In 2021, the global average review score was 4.2. APAC scored higher than the global average and other regions at 4.5, which was also 1 point higher than 2020. 

Takeaway: Guests depend on reviews before booking their stay, so this is the time to get the reviews flowing and showcase the ratings! Make sure to also respond to both negative and positive reviews. Learn more about best practices and find examples of reviews in our Guest Feedback course.

4. Response rate matters

In 2021, APAC had the highest response rate at 49%, which was 16% above the global average. The number is remarkable because it was evident that APAC hoteliers proactively responded to their guest feedback, including positive reviews which can sometimes be overlooked.

Takeaway: Hotels should continue to prioritize review response rates to reap the benefits of online reputation. While staffing may have been difficult during the pandemic, it only further emphasizes the importance of a reputation management tool.

Revinate can help your hotel quickly and easily respond to both negative and positive hotel reviews from within the platform.

Find all of this and more in our new reputation benchmark report for 2021. View now. 

If you’re looking to understand how your peers are using guest feedback to their advantage, please review the customer success story with Inn at Northrup Station and Aqua Aston. Do you wish to meet with your sales representative to talk about the best solution for your property? Book a meeting with us today.

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