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Drive bookings over the phone with call center coaching techniques

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” ~ Will Rogers

The world of hospitality is all about delivering exceptional guest experiences, and that starts with first interaction a guest has with your property. Oftentimes, it’s over the phone with your reservations team or call center. This initial touch-point is crucial, as your voice channel has the potential to drive serious revenue.

With travel predicted to bounce back to 2019 levels by the end of this year, you need to make the most of this opportunity to impress prospective guests.

Here we explore how to use guest data, technology, and call center coaching techniques to boost agent performance and connect with guests.

You’ll be on your way to increasing loyalty while earning repeat business.

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Generate more bookings with call center coaching techniques

To make the most of your voice channel, start by examining the skill set and performance capacity of your agents. Consider using these 6 call center coaching techniques to jump-start conversions and increase direct revenue.

Ears wide open

Active listening is a fundamental skill for call center agents. It’s really a form of detective work, with agents uncovering a guest’s motivations, preferences, and desires. For instance, if a guest calls to make a reservation for 2, a well-trained agent asks open-ended questions to discover the “why” behind the trip. Upon learning the guest is celebrating a special anniversary, the agent can easily secure the booking by suggesting romantic activities, such as a couple’s massage or private dinner.

Leverage the power of notes

Many guests don’t book on a first call, sometimes requiring up to 3 touchpoints before booking. Train agents to record conversation notes within guest profiles to increase conversions for future interactions. Imagine if an agent could see past call dates. Maybe a guest has taken advantage of dining specials and previously expressed interest in reserving a room with a view. Equipped with this knowledge, the agent can secure the booking by offering an ocean-view room and recommending delicious menu options at the restaurant.

Strike a positive tone

Training agents to infuse their communication with a warm, friendly tone, while adapting their style to match a guest’s demeanor can create more positive conversation. For example, if a guest calls with a complaint, an empathetic tone may diffuse the situation and make them feel heard.

The art of building rapport

Building rapport is the secret sauce for establishing a true connection with guests. It’s the step that leads to greater trust and loyalty. Instead of following a standardized script, agents should use a guest’s name to engage in authentic dialogue, and even share personal stories.

From order takers to revenue generators

Empower your agents to become outbound sales rockstars. With strategic and purpose-driven training, agents can transform from mere order takers to a committed, revenue-generating sales team. For example, The Broadmoor experienced 422 outbound bookings in 1 year and increased outbound revenue by 98% YoY using Revinate’s Reservation Sales solution to improve call center coaching for their agents.

Never miss a call

Even the most well-trained agents experience high call volume and may not always be online. At times like this, a pay-for-performance solution such as Revinate’s RezForce ensures you never miss a call. Highly trained agents support your team by operating 24/7/365 to engage with guests and capture lead data that grows your guest marketing database.

Use technology to reveal call center coaching insights

The right technology synergizes your call center coaching techniques so you can monitor and analyze agent performance. As a result, you’ll gain specific insights on how to improve.

Incorporate the power of call data

Gather real-time information on agent KPIs such as call duration, call volume, individual conversion rates, and guest feedback. This helps you identify each agent’s strengths and weaknesses. You can then provide highly targeted, 1-1 training sessions to spur improvement.

Review call recordings

When providing performance feedback, it’s much more impactful to use the call recordings themselves, rather than vague examples. Agents find success when you can point out exactly where an interaction went wrong.

Upskill with call scoring

Consider implementing weekly call scoring to determine if agents hit key points during a call, such as asking for the reservation. This simple ask can increase the likelihood that a guest will book. Another tip is to focus your scoring efforts on calls that didn’t convert, that way agents see what they can do differently next time.

Continue the conversation with integration

Agent performance relies heavily on your technology integrations. For example, connecting your CRM and PMS with the right system reveals a guest’s complete history at the agent’s fingertips. Doing so allows agents to continue previous conversations, win over prospective guests, and offer more personalized and efficient service.

Empower agents to reflect your brand on every call

When a guest calls your hotel, they want to speak with someone who embraces your brand and knows what they’re talking about. It’s a foundational requirement to build trust and enhance guest loyalty. Once guests feel confident in your brand, you can expect repeat stays, a stronger reputation, and a significant contribution to your bottom line.

You may want to develop a style guide and conduct group coaching sessions. Allow agents to practice using your brand voice in a variety of scenarios during these sessions. Confidence will grow with more practice as agents become comfortable implementing these standards in actual phone calls with guests.

And don’t be afraid to treat agents like guests. Arrange familiarization trips that let agents experience the hotel, its locations, restaurants, and amenities first-hand. This call center coaching technique deepens connections with prospective guests as agents share personal anecdotes and recommendations.

You’ll want an agent who can enthusiastically describe the view from your rooftop bar and how incredible your signature cocktail is.

Weaving your brand voice into your call center conversations provides a unique and authentic experience for prospective guests. And, it blends with the rest of your hotel marketing efforts, creating a cohesive message that encourages trust, brand loyalty, and advocacy.

Increase loyalty and revenue with call center coaching techniques

Your voice channel plays a critical role in growing your hotel business. Employing the right call center coaching techniques and technology solutions ensures your agents understand and embrace your brand. You’ll strengthen guest relationships, increase conversions, and blaze a trail past your competition. Get a demo and see how we do it!

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