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How Laasie and Revinate drive hotel guest loyalty

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Hotel loyalty programs have traditionally been viewed as the best way to incentivize guests to become repeat bookers. But that’s not necessarily true.

Research actually shows that while 61% of hoteliers think guests will sign up for all available loyalty programs, only 24% of guests actually do.

Fortunately, there’s an opportunity to break free from traditional points-based programs and instead offer guests selected rewards for a more personalized experience. Laasie and Revinate are teaming up to do just that by helping hoteliers consolidate data from both systems to gain better insights and achieve stronger guest loyalty.

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Why it’s time to re-think points-based hotel guest loyalty programs

Points-based loyalty programs have been around for decades, especially among larger hotel chains, and have been used by hoteliers to incentivize guests. While these programs offer motivation to book with your hotel more frequently, they’re quickly becoming outdated.

With the traditional points-based model, guests feel pushed to travel more so they can benefit from their points. And the points process can be nagging. It turns out that 27% of customers are frustrated with tracking points for loyalty programs, and 46% of them are irritated by having to wait to redeem their rewards.

Not only that, but hoteliers themselves also run into some issues. Many hotel groups are simply too small to profitably support a points-based program. And if the system used to manage the loyalty program isn’t integrated with your existing platforms, you won’t be able to gain a true understanding of guests’ travel habits and preferences. This also mankes it difficult to personalize rewards toward each guest’s unique interests.

How Revinate and Laasie are shifting to a more guest-centric solution

Laasie and Revinate have a different approach that can put you on the path to a more modern and effective way to drive hotel guest loyalty.

Leveraging instant gratification

Today’s guests want instant benefits. In fact, 78% of customers prefer immediate benefits over accumulating points.

With Laasie, a flexible loyalty platform that’s powered by AI, guests can select their reward content immediately after booking. Once they’re done, they’ll get an email notification confirming their selections. All that information is then fed back into Revinate’s Guest Data Platform.

With this information, hoteliers gain a clearer picture of the guest journey and are able to effectively surprise and delight their guests. Hoteliers can maintain a loop of building customer value and brand affinity through this process.

Improving data visibility

With Laasie, your hotel can offer reward content based on the guest’s location as well as the data they’ve entered when booking, including the overall spend, destination, stay dates, etc. Over time, it will also draw from past reward choices.

For example, if you find a guest who enjoys summer beach vacations, Laasie’s AI personalization might be able to offer whale watching as part of a reward choice.

Having a deeper understanding of your guests makes them feel recognized and heard, and that can lead to stronger loyalty. After all, customers who are loyal to the largest hotel brands are more likely to stay there for at least 75% of their stays.

Capitalizing on personalization

One of the key benefits of using Laasie is that all the data collected through the loyalty platform can be imported into Revinate’s Guest Data Platform. The guest’s information will then be populated into new guest profiles or merged into existing guest profiles.

Now, hoteliers can use this abundance of data to send targeted campaigns to these guests. And personalizing messages with more detailed data pays off. Research shows that 36% of US travelers are willing to pay more for travel brands that tailor their experiences based on personal preferences or past behavior.

When hoteliers are able to leverage their data for future rewards, messaging, and campaigns, they can do better than points-based loyalty.

Building hotel guest loyalty for the future

The way to approach hotel guest loyalty is changing. Guests are expecting more than blanket rewards driven by points.

By leveraging innovative technology to provide a better guest experience, hoteliers can expect to retain and create more loyal guests.

Looking for more ways to delight guests, drive loyalty, and increase your direct revenue? Explore our solutions.

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