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The call center software features every hotelier should look for

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We don’t even need to say it, but we will: there’s a sea of options out there for call center software. But before you go wading through them all, we’re going to help you narrow down your search.

After all, 74% of consumers are likely to buy based on experiences alone, so what kind of experience does your call center provide? Having the right features for your call center software will directly influence agent performance and how they can best serve prospective guests.

Call center software that benefits your reservation teams and your guests doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs to keep your data available and organized, teams connected, and leads maximized so you can continue to drive revenue from your voice channel.

What you will see here

Cloud-based dashboards

So what exactly does “cloud-based” mean? Maybe you recognize this term when it describes how your mobile phone stores all of its information. Instead of storing photos and other data on your device, it’s saved on a network of servers called “the cloud,” which you can access over the internet whenever you need to.

Cloud-based call center software works the same way. All your guest and lead data is available for agents to access and work with from virtually anywhere. And that’s important because on-premise software can be limiting. Maybe your reservations team is remote, on a hybrid work schedule, or they’re managing customers across channels. With a cloud-based tool, every single agent can view the same dashboard with all lead data and call activity at their fingertips, no matter where they’re working from.

And even if your team works from an office together, cloud-based dashboards are more reliable than on-prem solutions because you won’t experience downtime if someone bumps the wrong cable in the server room. 78% of companies are already using cloud-based software in their operations.

Dashboards increase agent productivity and increase your ability to secure more direct bookings. As much as 64% of companies globally report using data and analytics tools to boost efficiency and productivity in their business. So we’re going to go ahead and say they’re a good idea. After all, agents exposed to more complete and comprehensive data are going to be better at driving more reservations.

Advanced lead technology

Even if they are separate departments, that doesn’t mean your reservations and marketing teams can’t work together. Because leads can come from emails, OTAs, over the phone, chat, or on the web — omnichannel is the name of the game, right?

Call center software that boasts advanced lead technology is going to be helpful when analyzing your guest’s booking behavior, regardless of the channel. When agents can view where leads are coming from, that’s fuel to power personalization. And personalizing calls is what jump-starts that connection with guests, leading you to secure more direct bookings.

Scheduling follow-ups or outbound calls should be simple with call center software that supports lead management. Agents should be automatically notified about “not-booked” leads, not relying on sticky notes. With 50% of call center managers saying they don’t even have enough automation in their contact center tools, ‌the more you can streamline, the better.

Real-time view of call center performance

Your call center is probably moving fast — lots of agent activity, lots of conversation. And while securing bookings and building rapport with guests is essential, you also need to zoom out and measure your call center performance over time.

Call center software that centralizes all of that agent activity and allows you to monitor performance at once, as it’s happening, is key. Because as much as $1.6 trillion is lost every year in the US because of poor customer service. So if you can identify agents who are underperforming, then you can initiate additional training and coaching to save your hotel from losing revenue.

Smart call routing and call recording

How are you categorizing inbound calls and determining what agents they’re going to? Your call center software should prioritize and route these calls for you. Because 67% of customers find it difficult to navigate phone systems or reach a live agent, you need this experience to be seamless.

Call center software with smart call routing directs calls based on type — whether that’s a call for a new reservation, an adjustment to an existing one, or an inquiry about amenities. Immediately, those calls can be sent to the highest-closing agent,‌ the last follow-up agent, or the least busy agent ready to secure the booking or advise the guest.

Call center software that supports your mission

When it comes down to it, call center software should support the overall mission of your hotel brand. How are you going to deliver ‌personalized communication or a superior guest experience without software features that get you there?

You don’t need to worry about making the “perfect choice.” You should ask yourself if the software you’re deciding on helps your agents make the best use of their time so they can connect with guests on a personal level to secure that booking.

Call center software features should be intelligent and complement each other so you can serve your guests and prospective bookers to the best of your ability.

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