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The fast road to recovery: How Triumph Hotels drove $17M in lifetime revenue and beat 2019 by 25%


SOLUTIONS USED: Revinate Marketing, Revinate Guest Feedback

REGION: North America


Drive direct bookings.


Experience and value-based campaign marketing.


10-20% growth in direct bookings since COVID-19 pandemic.

Meet the customer

“Revinate is robust but simple to use. It allows us to clearly differentiate our offers from OTAs and has been instrumental in helping us drive millions in direct revenue.”

Ben Chan
Vice President of Revenue Strategy, Triumph Hotels

The brand

Triumph Hotels is a multigenerational hotel ownership and management company with the primary objective of maximizing returns for clients. The collection consists of six luxury hotels in diverse neighborhoods of New York.

The challenge

Very few hotel groups have the resources to compete with OTAs’ big advertising budgets. But when the team at Triumph Hotels noticed that consumer booking behavior was changing and guests cared more about value and experiences than price, they saw the opportunity to transform their marketing to win back share from the OTAs. Their new strategy focused on leveraging their guest database and showcasing amenities, offers, and experiences to present a richer vision of a hotel stay — something that OTAs could never do.

The solution

A Revinate Marketing customer since 2018, Triumph Hotels was already well equipped to focus on its guest database and drive direct revenue from one-time promotions, automated campaigns, and upsell offers. With Revinate Marketing, the two-person corporate marketing team could easily create engaging campaigns that reflected each hotel’s brand and conveyed how special a stay in their hotels could be.

Triumph Hotels creates one-time campaigns to highlight important events in the city or to showcase room offers. For example, a campaign promoting Broadway Week, an exciting time for theater lovers, achieved a 38% open rate and drove 933 reservations, or $765K in direct revenue. A “Suite Escape” campaign, promoting the hotel’s beautiful suites, had a 40% open rate and drove 252 reservations, or $221K in direct revenue.

Automated campaigns provide the small team with an always-on channel for driving direct revenue. A cancelation recovery campaign automatically reaches out to guests who have canceled their reservations and encourages them to book another stay. Year-to-date, this campaign has driven a 42% open rate, a 3.7% CTR, and $246K in revenue.

The brand also leverages upsell campaigns to encourage guests with upcoming reservations to upgrade their rooms, pay for early check-in or late checkout, and add amenities to their reservations. The Edison Hotel Times Square has driven close to $60K in additional revenue with this out-of-the-box automated campaign.

The results

With Revinate Marketing, Triumph Hotels has reduced OTA share by 10-20%, depending on the hotel. Other highlights include:

  • Lifetime revenue (all properties): $17.2M
  • Average open rate YTD: 40% across all campaigns
  • Average room revenue YTD: $65K per campaign
  • Average room nights YTD: 211 per campaign

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