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6 Simple Ways to Improve Guest Satisfaction

As a hotelier, there’s not much that’s more important to your business than guest satisfaction. It drives rate, fills rooms, improves rankings, and keeps your property ahead of the competition.  But with conflicting priorities, it’s not always easy to keep guest satisfaction center stage. Here are six ways to improve guest satisfaction that are easy to implement and simple to execute.


1. Simplify the booking process

A big part of guest satisfaction is established during the booking process. Your user interface should be optimized for design and customer service.

What tone are you trying to communicate? How many steps is the booking process? Think about these factors to create a smooth and seamless booking process.


2. Be part of the customer journey

Email marketing is the only tool you have in your toolbox that enables you to connect with your guest throughout the entire customer journey.

Automate pre-arrival emails with upsells to enhance their stay. Deliver on-property welcome emails to make their first moments memorable. At the end of their stay, send a post-departure email to thank them for their stay and invite them to come back – and book directly!


3. Personalize the customer journey

The most important element in communicating with guests is making sure the messages feel personal. Your guests will respond best when it’s clear that you have taken the time know them and treat them as individuals. Trying sending personalized emails to guests based off of where they are in their life cycle, how loyal of a guest they are and other factors you may know about them i.e. where they are from, when they like to stay, packages they like to book, etc.

When you personalize the guest journey, you increase guest satisfaction which of course ultimately leads to loyal guests.


4. Focus on collecting guest feedback

Give your guests many opportunities to provide feedback. Listen to what they have to say so you can continue to improve the service and experience you provide.

Revinate Surveys is an easy solution that allows you to send post-stay surveys to your guests. Customizable questions make it easy to design the survey to get more helpful responses. All the while, you can boost review volume and increase your TripAdvisor and Google ranking.


5. Use negative reviews to your advantage

A crucial part of guest feedback is how you respond, especially to negative reviews. It may be tempting to defend your hotel, but it’s more important to respond in a thoughtful and timely manner. Ignoring, delaying, or negatively responding to guest feedback will only make matters worse.

Managers should pave the road with appropriate ways to respond and incentivize teams to make guest satisfaction a priority. Apologize and offer solutions, and don’t forget to thank promoters for their kind feedback.


6. Grow your social media presence

Social media’s influence on guest satisfaction can’t be ignored. Guests are constantly sharing their experiences on social media, and when they have a complaint, they expect a speedy response.


Revinate’s take on guest satisfaction

Streamlined processes, personalized communications, and a strong online presence are great ways to ensure guest satisfaction.

If you’re not already using Revinate to increase direct bookings with smarter email marketing and guest feedback management, please contact us to learn more.