Webinar Recap – A Day in the Life of a Social Hotelier

Thanks to everyone that joined us for yesterday’s Webinar. A special thank you to Jennifer Kedinger, Social Media Manager at Hyatt Regency Chicago, and Adam Martodam, eCommerce Manager at TMI Hospitality for their insights.

If you missed the Webinar, you can view it here.

I wanted to answer some of the questions that were raised during the Webinar.

Q. What are the tools that Jennifer uses to manage social media at the Hyatt Regency Chicago?

A. Hyatt Regency Chicago uses Revinate to monitor online review sites and social media mentions. Other tools they use include TweetDeck for Twitter, Sprout Social and ContextOptional, recently acquired by Adobe.

Q. How do you handle passwords for social media accounts and OTAs to ensure that hotels always have log in information and don’t get locked out when employees leave?

A. Log-ins and passwords seem to be a pain for everyone! One best practice raised on the call was creating a generic log in and password so you can always log in. For example, the GM might log in as info@hotelname.com and the password can be something that is held tightly, but known to a few people. With Facebook, you can have multiple admins so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Q. How do you deal with tweets that come in at night?

A. Jennifer mentioned on the call that during business hours, she has a social media ambassador tasked with responding to social media. During the evening, Jennifer responds to messages although she is training her front desk staff to respond to social media as they work around the clock.

Q. What are your feelings to automated review responses?

A. Everyone on the call agreed that automated responses should be avoided. Personalized responses are the best way to show your guests and prospective guests that you care about their experiences on property. At TMI Hospitality, properties are given 72 hours to respond to reviews so that they can research the review statements and create personalized responses. Hyatt Regency Chicago also takes the time to personalize responses. Revinate has many resources for helping hoteliers respond to reviews. Please check out our Best Practices section for guides, articles and past Webinars.

Q. Do Business Listings on review sites and OTAs pay off?

A. While our guests were not paying for business listings, I said that I would share data that I had recently seen about the ROI of business listings on TripAdvsior. Based on a TripAdvisor/Forrester study, every $1 spent on TripAdvisor business listings will pay off $6. Sabre also posted a similar study that can be found here.

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One response to “Webinar Recap – A Day in the Life of a Social Hotelier

  1. I missed the webinar but it is a great job by you guys to put up a recap.
    Some great points mentioned.
    – Managing passwords additionally is also dependent on email accounts linked to all those different social accounts. Best practice is to use one-single generic email address of a company, e.g.: info@company.com etc. Whatever happens, passwords will be retrievable by using this email.
    – Yes, automated responses are completely No-Go.
    – TripAdvisor Business listings: Thank you so much for this info especially backed up with research data link. I was thinking of this for long and couldn’t make up my mind. Once contacted TripAdvisor on this, they called me and the line cut-off.. I was never able to find out who called me and how to call them back. They never called back or emailed me. So, now I think I will resume this process.
    Thank You Revinate.

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