Sr. Manager, Product and Customer Marketing

Revinate updates its Terms and Policies

Revinate Updates its Terms and Policies   While legal terms may not be the most exciting update to provide (at least to some), we take both our privacy policy and terms of service quite seriously, and are therefore rolling out some updates to both. Find the new privacy policy here and the terms here.  Our … Continued

Sr. Manager, Product and Customer Marketing

6 Ways to Support Operations with Email Marketing

As a hotel operator, you are always looking for ways in which you can meaningfully connect with your guests. This can often feel like a daunting task with such limited staff and resources.  Email marketing however makes it easy. When you integrate your property management system with an email marketing solution to send automated ‘set … Continued

Sr. Manager, Product and Customer Marketing

Podcast Summary: Revinate on Email Marketing Success

Hoteliers used to manage room inventory. Today they manage customers. What does this mean for hotel marketing? Effective hotel marketing today means gathering guest data and segmenting it in a way that lets marketers send personalized communications at every step in the guest’s journey. Marc Heyneker, Revinate’s co-founder and CEO, and Erica Rich, Revinate’s Senior Hospitality … Continued

Hotel Loyalty is Dead…or is It?

Back in 2016, I first took a closer look at loyalty, ultimately asserting that hotel loyalty is dead. Well… not dead, but rapidly evolving, with points and redemption models failing to impress the modern traveler. After nearly two years of healthy debate with numerous hoteliers on this topic, and some alarming new research from McKinsey, … Continued