Does Green Matter for Hotels?

This is an excerpt from our recent report on the German hotel market. CLICK HERE to access the full report. Over the last few years, hotel companies have made a determined effort to deal with the impact their business activities have on the environment. Hoteliers recognise the tangible benefits in being proactive in mitigating environmental … Continued

Exclusive Interview: The Future of Hotel Technology

For hoteliers looking to stay on top of the latest in hotel technology, it can be difficult to separate the flash-in-the-pan trends from immediate necessities. We had the opportunity to speak with Philip von Ditfurth, Managing Director at hetras, a company that offers cloud-based hotel management software. Philip, you worked in many different industries before … Continued

Exclusive Interview: Effective Hotel Revenue Management Strategies

Revenue management is one area that is evolving rapidly to keep pace with an increasingly technologically complex hospitality environment. To get some insights on the future of revenue management and new best practices for hoteliers, we spoke with Nick Molitor, the Director of Account Management at IDeaS, the global leader in revenue optimization technology. Nick, … Continued