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SURVEY: Travelers weigh in on housekeeping

Following is a guest blog post from TripAdvisor.

Looking for ways to cut costs at your hotel? A TripAdvisor poll shows you may not want to put housekeeping at the top of that list.
There’s been lots of news coverage on hotels cutting back on housekeeping (either cutting the service altogether or offering benefits to guests who pass on it). Recently, over 15,000 TripAdvisor travelers weighed in on this trend and the benefits they’d accept in exchange for forgoing housekeeping.* The results may surprise you:

  • 43% of global travelers wouldn’t stay at a hotel that doesn’t offer housekeeping.
  • 49% of travelers would accept a benefit to forgo housekeeping. Of those:
  • 39% would expect a hotel that doesn’t offer housekeeping to cost less than a comparable property that does.
  • 9% would accept complementary items like beverages and food in exchange.
  • Just 1% of travelers would accept loyalty points in exchange.
  • 8% will forgo housekeeping for no additional benefits.

So, what does all this mean for your business? If you’re going to cut back on these services, keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep it optional: To appeal to everyone, give travelers the option of forgoing the service, but don’t make it mandatory.
  • Experiment with different benefits:  Offer different benefits in exchange for skipping housekeeping to see what works best for your property and clientele.
  • Pass some savings on to your guests: 39% of travelers would like cost savings in exchange for giving up housekeeping. Consider passing some of the savings from cutbacks in the service along to guests.
  • Avoid offering loyalty points in exchange: The loyalty point benefit saw the lowest responses across all markets – even lower than passing on housekeeping in exchange for no benefits.


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*Source: TripAdvisor survey, November 2013