Hospitality Industry Pain Points: Strategies for Hoteliers by Hoteliers


We always enjoy getting our customers together to discuss their experiences as hoteliers in a rapidly-evolving history. Not only do we get to learn about their pain points, but they get to discuss with one another and brainstorm for future success. Earlier this month, we hosted an executive roundtable event with customers from the Boston/Cape … Continued

Gerente Regional de Marketing para América Latina/ Gerente de Marketing Regional para a América Latina

Are Travelers from Silicon Valley an Opportunity for the California Hospitality Industry?


Photo: KQED and Bancroft Library San Francisco has a much larger share of 25-44 year-olds – the core working age group – than Silicon Valley, the state of California, or the United States in general (Silicon Valley Index 2016)   In March 1848, there were roughly 157,000 people living in California. Just 20 months later, … Continued

Content Curation: A Hotel Marketing Secret to Time Savings and Engagement


When creating social media and marketing content, many hotels bump up against time, resource, and budget constraints. Content creation isn’t just a matter of locating, producing, or disseminating a certain quantity of information. The quality of the information is also hugely important, perhaps more important than quantity. Publishing content that is valuable to your guests … Continued