Marketing Specialist

[Infographic] The Personalization Struggle in Hotel Marketing


In hospitality, the human touch is one thing that will never be replaceable by technology. But, in today’s digital age, where human-to-human interaction is becoming increasingly rare, personalized elements in digital marketing can re-introduce a level of intimacy to the brand-customer relationship. For hotels in particular, this is more important now than ever as they … Continued

Principal Visual Designer

New Year, New Logo


Strong brands tell good stories. At Revinate, our story is clear and simple: we empower Hoteliers and Hospitality Professionals to reach new heights. Whether we’re talking about data, efficiency, or revenue, our products give you the tools and knowledge for growth. And when you grow, we grow. We’ve taken great strides in the years since … Continued

Marketing Specialist

[Infographic] How to Choose the Right Art for Your Hotel


When making upgrades to your hotel, it’s important to take a data-based approach to the investment opportunity. This means taking a look at the aggregate data on your hotel’s guest feedback and determining where the trends are to pinpoint specific items that your guests are consistently praising or complaining about. One comment that we see … Continued