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中国游客 Zhōngguó Yóukè (The Chinese Tourist) – The New Opportunity for Hotels in the Pacific Northwest

Do You Speak Chinese? Man wearing suit holding a signboard

120 million travelers from China went overseas in 2015, according to statistics from the China National Administration of Tourism. This number puts China at the top of the list of countries of origin for international travelers around the world. As one of the largest growing demographics of international tourists, Chinese travelers spent $194 billion last … Continued

Director of Business Intelligence

Strategies for Winning the Direct Booking Wars


It’s been a busy year on the “book direct” front. Hotels of all sizes are facing off against established and emerging online travel agencies (OTAs) and meta sites. At the same time, lines are blurring, with OTAs continuing to expand their business services for hotels and the industry moving towards ‘meta metasearch’ (for another post). … Continued

Does Green Matter for Hotels?

This is an excerpt from our recent report on the German hotel market. CLICK HERE to access the full report. Over the last few years, hotel companies have made a determined effort to deal with the impact their business activities have on the environment. Hoteliers recognise the tangible benefits in being proactive in mitigating environmental … Continued

Exclusive Interview: The Future of Hotel Technology


For hoteliers looking to stay on top of the latest in hotel technology, it can be difficult to separate the flash-in-the-pan trends from immediate necessities. We had the opportunity to speak with Philip von Ditfurth, Managing Director at hetras, a company that offers cloud-based hotel management software. Philip, you worked in many different industries before … Continued