Do you know what’s in your guest data?

You might know something about your guests, such as when they’ve booked a stay. But beyond confirming their reservation, do you even have the right email address, much less know enough to build personalized marketing campaigns to capture that guest’s attention? Many hotels already have a wealth of guest data in their property management systems. … Continued

Marketing Specialist

Three Ways Hotels Can Tell Their Brand Stories Across Multichannel Touchpoints

In storytelling, structure and formula are often important to creating a complete narrative. The traditional stories that you remember from your childhood are often simple and easy to compose – they have a beginning, deepening action, a climactic moment, and a resolution. There is usually a hero and a villain. And, invariably, the plot is … Continued

CRM and Marketing Programs Manager

Set It and Forget It! Five Campaign Ideas to Help You Reach Automation Domination

You’re a hotelier, and that means you’re busy. Despite your best efforts, you can never seem to find enough time to check every item off your “to do” list. And even when you do, it’s quickly replaced by three new tasks. That’s why we recommend making automated campaigns the centerpiece of your email marketing strategy. … Continued

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How (and When) to Respond to Positive Hotel Reviews

When asked about review responses, we used to recommend that hoteliers respond to as many reviews as they can, within their own time and resource constraints. However, the results of a 2016 study by Cornell University indicate the need for a more strategic approach. The study found a positive correlation between response rates and bookings … Continued

Exclusive Interview with President Director of Tauzia Hotel Management, Marc Steinmeyer

Whether you’re a large organization, a small group managing a collection of independent hotels, or even a single hotel that needs a different direction, launching a new brand is a challenge for even the most seasoned of hoteliers. Since TAUZIA Hotel Management recently launched a new brand, we sat down with Marc Steinmeyer, the President … Continued