Email Deliverability, Part 2: Best Practices

A few weeks ago, I discussed the fundamental aspects of email deliverability, including database quality, segmentation, engagement, and sending best practices. This week, I’m sharing hands-on tips to increase the chances of your email marketing messages getting delivered, with the help of compelling subject lines, attractive layouts, and localization. Let’s get started!   Subject Lines … Continued

Data-Driven Tips for Survey Success in Asia Pacific

We recently shared the analysis of more than eight million survey responses from over 3,500 global hotel customers to understand what drives survey completion rates. This time around, we’re focusing on survey responses across more than 1,100 hotel customers in the APAC region to understand any differences compared with the global averages. With all the … Continued

6 Tips to Organically Grow and Maintain Your Hotel Database

As Revinate’s Hospitality Marketing Strategist for Asia Pacific, I love working closely with customers on optimizing their email marketing strategies. Fundamental to any successful email strategy is a healthy hotel database, as the property management system (PMS) is where the most powerful guest data is stored. It may seem simple enough to maintain and grow … Continued

Customer Story: Modern Marketing Automation Increases Guest Loyalty

Welcome to Revinate’s Insiders Studio, where real hoteliers share their success stories on how they were able to drive direct bookings, increase guest engagement, and achieve high ROI with Revinate Marketing. “My favorite feature is the integration with Revinate Surveys, enabling me to strategically target promoters and detractors with tailored messages and offers.” Achmad Yusuf, … Continued