VP of Product

The Future of Hospitality is Now.

Get Reputation, Surveys, and Marketing in one compelling offer The hospitality industry is at a crossroads: for hoteliers willing to make the leap, this is the moment in history when making the right changes to their guest communication lifecycle will drive huge profitability growth. Hoteliers unwilling to make the leap will be left behind. It’s … Continued

Marketing Specialist

The Impact of Gmail Tabs on Email Behavior

The introduction of Gmail’s tabbed inbox system was met with a lot of hostility by marketers. Many assumed that with the new Promotions tab, subscribers would no longer see nor interact with their messages. Some even claimed these tabs would “kill” email marketing. Many marketers even began a “move me” campaign asking subscribers to mark … Continued

CRM and Marketing Programs Manager

Unknown Users are Your Hotel’s Mortal Enemy

Here at Revinate, we talk a lot about the importance of email acquisition and how much of a positive impact a collection of email addresses can have on your bottom line. And it’s true, you need to have a healthy database in order to drive more profitable revenue. But “healthy” does not necessarily mean big. … Continued