Two guaranteed ways to get more direct bookings

Live webinar

“How can I get more direct bookings and cut how much I pay in OTA commissions?”

Thousands of revenue managers around the world are asking the same question. A reliance on OTAs has a positive effect on occupancy, but hefty commissions makes it hard to plan for the future.

Join Annemarie Gubanski, CEO of Taktikon and expert in Revenue Management and Distribution for a 30 minute webinar on how to increase direct bookings.

She’ll be joined by Asad Dhunna from Triptease and Thomas Landen from Revinate who will talk you through the newest technology available for hoteliers. They’ll explore two ways that have been proven to get thousands of hotels worldwide more direct bookings.

In this webinar you will learn

  • The latest trends in revenue management
  • How to harness reviews and pricing on
  • How to get more direct bookings and cut OTA commissions